Eagles' Chief of Logistics (COL) Consulting, LLC.

Providing Your Complete Logistics Management Functions: Managing and or Supervising Distribution; Supply Chain Management; Planning, Analysis and Inventory Control.


I provide high quality, professional logistics services from regional to national and international distribution; internal supply chain management to support customers, production or sales operations using your automated business tools to minimize cost and maximize options.  

You get 15 years of proven and battle tested professional service to meet your business needs.

I understand Logistics, Supply-Chain-Management and the Automation (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP tools) it takes to make business successful.  I monitor inventory; material resources turn over and the replenishment time to plan ordering to maximize output while controlling cost incorporated with shipping time and delivery schedules. 

I monitor contract support with the scope of work to meet contract requirements and provide active communication with vendors or material providers. 

I can plan to synchronize all the functions or focus in one area. 

My work is tested and validated with 15 years of leading logistics, distribution and supply-chain-management operations experience moving supplies, products and people on time at the best value to meet demand in austere and routine environments. 

Your "Chief of Logistics".  
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